you don’t have to floss your teeth


…just the ones you want to keep. This creative marketing slogan was plastered on every patient room in my child-hood dentist’s office. I used to sit there in the chair, my spit bib attached, waiting what seemed like 14 hours for my dentist with bad teeth to check me for cavities. I’d hold my hand out in the air to block the last part of the “witty” poster. Honestly..who the hell enjoys flossing?

However an unfortunate broken molar sent me back to the dentist’s chair after 5 or so years. (tsk tsk I know.) It’s a new office here in town with state-of-the-art equipment, fancy plasma screen tv, a gamer section for the kids, and a self-check in touch screen kiosk. Even surrounded by all this fancy stuff, I longed for the office with the decor stuck in the 1970’s and the cutesy floss-or-die-esque posters.

Everything in this new patient room was pristine and white. They even had updated gossip magazines. This office was the shit! My attention was quickly pulled to the wall on my left where there was the only picture hanging in the room. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes straight. It has forever been burned into my brain. A picture that has made me the ultimate flosser of teeth in a matter of  6 days.

It looked much like this one:

I was seriously disgusted. And as soon as I got home, I flossed. And again after dinner. And again before bed. Perhaps there is such a thing as TOO much care for your teeth. I have toned it down to two or three times a day. Where as before, it was whenever I remembered (twice a week…maybe.)

I refuse to be a before and after picture of periodontal disease!


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